Carson Fleming

Software Engineer

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Work Experience

Sept. 2023-Now

Palantir Technologies

New York, NY

Software Engineer
Summer 2022

Neuvik Solutions

Arlington, VA

Red Team Intern
Wrote and deployed Terraform cloud architecture for a Capture-the-Flag activity utilized at DEFCON. Performed security engagements and penetration tests with Fortune 500 clients. Created a series of Red Team tools for use on deployments, including a proprietary Command and Control over DNS framework.
Summer 2021

Komodo Health, Inc.

New York, NY

Full Stack Engineer Intern
Developed and maintained production-facing SQL pipelines for PHI data, RESTful APIs, and provider-facing React interfaces for cloud-based medical data solution utilized by 19 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies globally.
Summer 2020

Medidata Solutions

New York, NY

Data Science Intern
Designed and implemented an advanced arm's-length data manipulation platform in Python (pandas) enabling third-party clients to perform analysis on restricted patient data without violating confidentiality. Developed a scalable graph tracing technique enabling public clinical trial data aggregation. Optimized patient cohort attribution approach via the mathematical pairing of proprietary patient data with public statistics.
Summer 2019

Venafi, Inc.

Palo Alto, CA

Network Security Intern
Built management applications in C++ enabling large organizations to manage security assets (SSL certificates, SSH keys) across their distributed networks. Performed maintenance, resolved major library conflicts, and integrated new features and unit tests into a production codebase serving enterprise clients such as GEICO, CISCO, and Wells Fargo.


2018 - 2023

Stanford University

Stanford, CA

B.S. in Computer Science